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Our Mission:

The EsthetiCare Foundation focuses on restoring confidence in those who have been affected by breast cancer through permanent makeup. Our mission is to empower individuals to feel confident and beautiful, no matter their circumstances or financial background.

Why we need your help:

Through your contributions, The Estheticare Foundation is able to afford the supplies and equipment necessary to provide aesthetic treatments at no cost to the patients.

What we do:

The EsthetiCare Foundation was created by The Esthetic Center, a state of the art medspa located in Boynton Beach, FL. The Esthetic Center is a licensed Medical Permanent Makeup facility, focused on providing high-quality aesthetic treatments. Our purpose is to create a spa-like environment for survivors to feel relaxed and at ease knowing that they are in caring hands.

Who Qualifies:

Our goal is to be able to give free treatment to as many patients as possible. Patients can be nominated by contacting us. All nominees must fill out the intake form on our website. Due to the possibility of medical complications, some patients may not be eligible to receive the service if they are still undergoing treatment. Please consult with your doctor to ensure the safety of receiving the procedures.  



Luisabel Gomez

Founder, Owner of The Esthetic Center

Dermapigmentation Specialist

Every day I have the privilege of helping women and men feel more confident in themselves, whether it be through eyebrow microblading, body sculpting, scar camouflage, etc. However, when I created The Esthetic Center I always felt that my work could go beyond physical beauty. I wanted my influence to not only help those who wanted to enhance their features, but also those who unfortunately have lost them.


I created The EsthetiCare Foundation to provide free treatments to those affected by breast cancer. Through your donations, we are able to provide these services at no cost to them.

“Give from the heart.”❤️

xo, Lulu

Click below to submit your application for free or reduced treatments through The EsthetiCare Foundation

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