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Body Sculpting

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting is the safest treatment method for reducing stubborn fat deposits and molding the body with zero down time. Our Body Sculpting treatment also targets cellulite, stimulates circulation, reduces fluid retention and smooths and firms the skin.

Body Sculpting Packages

6 treatments         16 treatments        Single Session

Wood Therapy & Vacuum Therapy

   $900                   $2000                  $175
Waist Trainer    1hr

Mold and shape your waist at every angle!

This treatment Includes:

Sauna bed, Waist Wrap, Waist Cincher, Upper abs, Lower abs and back 

   $475                   $945                   $99
Red Carpet Ready   2hr

Have a special event to get ready for? This full body sculpting treatment includes:

Sauna bed, Waist Cincher, Upper/Lower abs, Hips, Cleavage Enhancement, Back, Upper Arms & Thighs. 

   $1200                   $2800                   $225
Express Red Carpet Ready   1hr
   $475                   $945                   $99

Need a little help pulling up that zipper? This Express full body treatment is perfect for those who want to smooth or tone their shape just before a big event.

This express treatment includes:

Waist Cincher, Upper/Lower abs, Cleavage Enhancement, Back & Upper Arms 

Non-Surgical Butt Lift  & Sculpt  1.5hr
   $750                   $1600                   $150

Plump, Tighten and Lift from the waist down. This treatment targets the lower body focusing on the thighs and buttock. 

This treatment Includes:

Sauna Bed, Inner Thighs, Back of Thighs, Hips and Buttock

Mommy Makeover   2hr

Bounce back like the celebrities! This custom sculpting package targets the areas affected most during pregnancy.

This treatment may Included:

Sauna bed, Waist Cincher, Upper/Lower abs, Hips and Non-Surgical Breast Lift 

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