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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that involves using tiny, fine-point needles that make up a small, disposable blade. The needle finely scratches the surface of the skin, creating featherweight strokes on the epidermis layer of the skin.


The technique creates thin, crisp lines giving the illusion of realistic, natural hair strokes. With this technique, our artists can create a natural light finish to a bold brow look. 

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Microshading, or the powder-fill method, is more similar to a traditional tattoo, and involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and defined shape. ​

If you are someone with oily or combination skin, or who fills in your brows regularly with pencil or shadow, then this is the method for you! It mimics the look of filled in brows, without all the effort each morning.



This technique combines both Microblading and Shading, creating the best of both worlds! In addition to our signature Microblading pattern, the Shading method is similar to a traditional tattoo, which uses an application of tiny dots of pigment that is inserted into the skin. This method creates the soft, feathery hair strokes of Microblading and the fullness and definition of Shading. ​

This technique can be fully customized for anyone who wants the fluffiness of Microblading and the dimension of Shading. Once healed, it creates a natural, yet defined brow.


How Long Will the Pigments Last?

Since microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the area will naturally fade over time. The Microshading results can last anywhere between 1 - 2 years depending on skin type, lifestyle, age and how often you get touch-ups. ​

Your skincare routine will also have an effect on the longevity of the pigment. Patients who tan, use chemical peels or products with AHA or Glycolic Acid will fade faster as your skin will resurface faster.

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